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Lapland forestation funds

We are a non-profit association located in Kannus, Finland. The purpose of LAPLAND FORESTATION FUNDS RY is to support afforestation and reforestation initiatives in Finnish Lapland and beyond. 

Forests without doubt are one of the best solutions for global challenges we are facing today. With regard to the future of humanity, we aim to do our part by reducing global carbon emissions and preventing the loss of biological diversity. 

Sadly, many areas in Finnish Lapland today are deforested or left in bad condition. As the vast amount of land is owned by local communities with no governmental funding, we believe we can facilitate progress in these areas by helping the state to reach its climate goals.

We are willing to further our commitment by taking up climate change advocacy and by aiming to find new strategies for raising awareness and promoting green thinking. All our efforts are made by employing the highest standards of performance, transparency and environmental responsibility. 

A sustainable greener future requires solidarity and commitment. By connecting people and organizations, we are taking one step further to reducing our ecological footprint and preserving nature.

Any organization or private person who endorses the association's mission is welcome to become a member. We receive funding via membership fees and private donations. All the money we collect is used for growing new forests, and even the smallest contribution can support our cause with a significant impact. 

Thank you for making a difference!

Lapland forestation funds RY

Hietakankaantie 222, FI-69100 Kannus, Finland